Footie Game!

After being 3 months here in Melbourne, it’ll only make sense if I attend the all famous Australian Football League at least once in my Melbourne stay. Thanks to Lin, she managed to get free tickets for a few of us. To tell you the truth, I have no idea at all about the footie rules. The only thing that I know of the game is that it’s a mixture of football(the real thing), rugby, captain ball and handball. Honestly, I don’t see how the combination of all these sports could result in the birth of this Australian game.

However, we were all very excited to go for our first footie game. We seriously didn’t know what to expect and so many questions were filling up our mind as we approached the stadium. What is footie? What are the rules? Which team do we support? When do we boo? When do we cheer? What if there’s a fight? What’s the dresscode to the game? Can bring camera in?

In the end, all we can say is that we had lots of fun watching the game between Melbourne Demons and Brisbane Lions. We boo-ed when everyone boo-ed. We cheered when everyone cheered. We were soaked by the falling rain. We were shivering when the wind blew. We go “Ouuchhh” when a player gets a nasty tackle. Most of all, we were all happy when Melbourne Demons won the game. They reminded me much of  the Red Devils..haha.

Enjoy the pictures!